Gluttons Bay by Makansutra, Esplanade, Singapore.

When I saw that the Singapore lyric opera was to perform Madame Butterfly recently, I quickly rounded up some enthusiastic friends to come with me for a spot of “culture” with a night at the Opera. Although the leading lady had a slightly shaky start, almost yodeling through her first aria, she was in fact pretty good and whilst I can’t speak for everyone, I had a really enjoyable evening. The theatres at Esplanade are lovely and intimate, our seats were the mid range (we paid $60 per seat) and they were very good for the price indeed and you would not need to pay more.

Owing to its proximity to Gluttons Bay we thought we would go and eat there afterwards as opposed to heading say across to Marina Bay. I have heard a lot of people criticize Gluttons Bay as being too touristy/sanitized and over priced however I have to say that whilst I suppose I fall into the “tourist” category the rest of the clientele was predominantly local. It only begins to get expensive if you choose a lot of seafood but then that is the same in most places I think…. I am not sure why there is all this criticism of a nice enough spot to have some Makan.

As there were 5 of us I decided that I would order a “Tiger Tower” which would give us all 2 small glasses in theory and was pretty fun to carry back to the table and serve for everyone. Again, we ordered a selection of dishes from Kai Lam, to Char Kway Tow, Seafood Omelette, Satay and an intriguing sounding Vegetarian Murtaback as well as some more BBQ Stingray. Ok it’s true that none of the dishes were outstanding, but the selection of dishes available and the location make this a great place for tourists to have a gentle introduction to Hawker culture and we certainly enjoyed it for a change.

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