Penang National Museum, Penang

I have to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much from the “National Museum of Penang” but I take that all back and say it is a great museum, full of interesting artefacts and information, well worth a visit!

There are “Heritage rooms” on the ground floor, introducing aspects of the major social groups in Penang, Malay, Chinese and Indian. The Malay room is based around the importance the religious schools and mosques have played in Penang’s history as well as items related to marriage ceremonies, household items and historical photos.

The Chinese heritage room shows images of the first Chinese settlers, items of furniture (such as the kidney shaped K chairs used for the master and mistress to sit on entertaining guests, opium pipes and beds etc) as well as tiny “lotus flower feet” shoes worn by women whose feet were bound in the ancient Chinese tradition.

The Indian heritage room was much smaller but still covered different aspects of Indian religions from Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Tamil. Upstairs there is information on the Japanese occupation (including the ceremonial sword used in the surrender of Penang on September 3rd 1945) as well as historical paintings and Art from the first British settlers and a fun Malay “games room”

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