Lucha Loco, Duxton Hill, Singapore

Lucha Loco is a newish Mexican Taqueria at 15 Duxton Hill bought to us by Christian and Julian Tan, the same Aussie brothers behind Tanjong Beach Club. We visited midweek at about 730pm and found it full of people enjoying after work margaritas and tacos in their attractive garden bar.

The menu is made up of Mexican street food such as Tacos (from $9-$12) with Braised Beef Brisket and Chorizo, “Carnitas” a Braised Pork dish, Chipotle and Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($36) and Quesadillas with Huitlacoche ($16) a type of mould that grows on corn, rather euphemistically described here as “Mexican Truffle”.

We started with some small tortillas topped with crab, which were a little bland to be honest. Far better were the first two of the Tacos we tried, one with Braised Beef and Chorizo, the second with Carnitas Mexican pork. The Corn tortillas were a little delicate and soggy to eat but the meaty toppings were a huge success, with the Braised Beef proving particularly popular amongst our group.

The Quesadilla with “Mexican Truffle” was a little bland, nothing the house chilli sauces couldn’t remedy though, our second attempt with Chicken and Serrano Chilli was a little more flavourful though neither lived up to the flavour packed Tacos. The Snapper Taco however didn’t match those highs either and we moved on to desserts, a Blue Corn Cake ($14) smothered in Agave with Mexcal Cream which was a new one to us, the nutty flavour of the Blue Corn, really worked in this sweet variation of the dish.

The Tropical Fruit Ceviche with Hibiscus Granite ($14) was also very tasty, a simple fruit salad of Mango, Blueberries, Kiwi and mixed Berries that really delivered on freshness of flavour and was a nice light way to finish the meal. We ordered Jugs of Frozen Margaritas at $55 for a couple of glassses for each of the 4 of us, that were served in large carafes with pink salt rimmed glasses and were a lot better than your average Frozen Margaritas, and a couple of (small) shots of Tequila with Sangrita.

Lucha Loco is more of a place to sit and have a drink with friends and enjoy a couple of snacks than a destination for a full meal, which is exactly how they intended it to be. We had some hits and misses with what we ordered to be honest, I’d go back to order more Tacos and enjoy them in the garden with a Beer or two and some more of the Margaritas for sure but nothing else “grabbed” me however the buzzy, party atmosphere means you are sure to be in for a good night. They don’t take reservations so unless you get there early like we did, be warned as you could be in for a wait.

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