126 Dimsum, Geylang, Singapore

126 is a 24 hour Dim Sum restaurant in Geylang, an area in the east of Singapore which I don’t often make the trek out to but really do need to make more of an effort to explore.

The menu here is all in Chinese, although they have helpful photographs to help you decided what you want to order which I am afraid is all I am going to be able to show you as I’m still not entirely sure what exactly it was that we ate. There was some fried fish, fried prawns and scallops (the thing with ordering dim sum at 3 in the morning means that the sinful items always seem like a better idea than usual!)

Siew mai and Xiao Long Bao were also pretty decent although I passed up the chance to try the chicken feet. The Otah was unusual in that it wasn’t served wrapped in banana leaf as i have seen previously here in Singapore but was very good indeed and the pork puffs were delightfully crumbly (all that butter!) and tasty as well. Please post a comment if you recognise any of the other dishes I tried, I will definitely revisit 126 and would also be grateful for any help you can give me on what to try next!

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