Maxims Dim Sum, City Hall, Hong Kong

Maxims is a Hong Kong institution (there are multiple outlets throughout Hong Kong) and having dim sum there I suppose is best likened to having high tea at The Ritz, for me at least!

The large, bustling room could be described as Kitschy at best with its baby pink walls and crystal chandeliers with banqueting sized tables seating large groups of local families and friends to the smaller tables filled with visiting tourists all keen to sample some of their famed dim sum.

Maxims is in fact the great place for a tourist to get an introduction into dim sum as unlike many restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong serving dim sum, it still operates a trolley system where ladies push huge trolleys laden with goodies around the room and more importantly, everything is in English which makes the whole experience significantly more relaxing than other dim sum places in the city.

We visited on a Saturday and arriving at around midday we had a wait of around 40 minutes before we were seated, not bad at all and a testament to how efficient this place is! Trolley after trolley flew by and we selected everything from siew mai to Xiao long baos, chicken feet, squid, char siew in delicious crumbly pastry buns, spring rolls and fluffy pork paos.

We ate far too much and I won’t go into detail of everything we ate but suffice to say I highly recommend you visiting Maxims for a glamorous afternoon of dimsum should you be visiting Hong Kong, and order every type of pork bun on the trolleys as we had about 3 different versions which were all amazing!

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