Star Line Ferry, Hong Kong – Kowloon

The Star line ferries have been a familiar sight traversing the causeway between Hong Kong and Kowloon for over half a century now and at under $3 HKD for a  boat ride taking in the iconic harbor views, this has been said by many to be Hong Kong’s best value tourist attraction.

If you are coming from Hong Kong side you follow the signs to Tsim Sha Tsui at Pier Number 7 and for the best views you should aim for the upper deck. They accept the Octopus card (like an EZ Link card in Singapore or London’s Oyster Card) or you can use the machine there to buy a token which will let you through the turnstile and onto the ferry.

The boats themselves have been in operation for a number of years, “Morning Star” the first ferry I took has been in operation since 1965 as I learned from the shiny brass plaque on-board  The chairs are ingenious, to avoid wasting time and taking up space in the already congested water way they don’t turn the ferry around, there are two cabins for steering the ferry (one at each end of the boat) and all of the chairs come with a switchable back so you can face the correct direction of travel on whichever leg of the trip you take.

Morning star also had these pretty little stars stamped out on its chairs (something I didn’t see on the other Ferry I took) whether you actually want to visit Kowloon or simply take a boat trip as I did (running around the exit and getting back on the same ferry I had arrived on in order to travel back to Hong Kong!) I would have to agree with the statement that this is Hong Kong’s best value tourist attraction.

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