Tai -O Fishing Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

The friend who I was staying with in Hong Kong (the lovely @Nicmonks on twitter) had also mentioned that I should try to visit the fishing village at Tai-O  after I visited the Big Buddha as it is only around a 10 minute bus ride away and there was a possibility of taking a boat trip to see the famed rare pink dolphins from there.

I managed to successfully locate the correct bus to Tai-O quickly on finishing my tour of the Big Buddha and within no time at all I was on a boat tour of this tiny, ramshackle village (described rather optimistically in one of the brochures I had picked up as Venice of the East!) This was probably one of the highlights of my trip, seeing the village on stilts jutting out onto the sea was really fascinating, as was watching the simple, unfussy way of life the inhabitants seem to lead.

The small market in the village was selling all kinds of dried fish and seafood as well as your usual grocers stalls along with a few clearly more aimed at tourists where I bought a little pearl bracelet for next to nothing at all. If you do make the trip to the big Buddha make sure you take the extra time to visit this intriguing little village, dolphins or no dolphins it is a fantastic trip

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