Senor Taco, Chijmes, Singapore *NOW CLOSED – READ ON FOR NEW LOCATIONS*

Good Mexican food is hard to come by here in Singapore but that doesn’t stop the cravings, nor the hope that I still may find “the one” in my quest for a great meal. Senor Taco is a fairly new, small chain of Mexican restaurants here in Singapore with branches in Clarke quay and Chijmes amongst others.

I have walked past the outlet in Chijmes on several occasions but it wasn’t until I was heading home after a busy, but successful shift on Christmas day that I decided to stop in and actually give them a shot. They have a fairly decent tequila selection and upon ordering a shot you are also served a small shot of sangrita (tomato juice with pomegranate or orange juice and spices)

I chose a shot of Don Julio Reposado at $11.90 a glass, smooth, almost honeyed tequila – a far cry from the usual Cr$p you would see people “shooting” and a lovely drink to sip. Tacos el pastor is a favourite of mine and so immediately grabbed my attention, although there were a few interesting dishes on the menu (a nice change from some of the other menus I have seen in Mexican restaurants here).

The pork is traditionally marinated in chipotle and achiote seed and cooked on a spit with the outside getting nicely charred and almost BBQ’d in flavour whilst the meat retains all its flavour. It is then roughly shredded or sliced and served on corn tortillas with chopped onion, coriander, pineapple, pickled cabbage and fresh lime.

The Senor Taco version were very good indeed, so good infact that I asked to order another ½ portion (which definitely threw them – it’s obviously not the done thing, but in the end they obliged) All in all, Senor taco was very enjoyable and I would recommend any Mexican fan in Singapore should check them out.

*Since the renovation of Chijmes, this branch has now closed but there are alternative locations at Clarke Quay and Orchard Towers

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