Tiger Brewery Tour, Singapore

Singapore would not be the same without the iconic Tiger beer – for a start it’s just about all I can afford to drink here! When I heard you could actually go around the brewery, I was naturally keen to go and have a look at the brewery and enjoy some Tiger time in their own replica pub. http://www.apb.com.sg/brewery-tour.html Tours run 10-5 Monday to Friday and are priced at $16SGD per person, you can also hire out the Tiger Tavern pub for private parties and we were ushered out shortly after closing so that they could finish the set up for one planned that night.

The tour starts with a somewhat peculiar cartoon showing the brewing process and then you are allowed to look at some tiger memorabilia from years gone by including old adverts and a bottle of Tiger Cub which was a milder version of the beer brewed in the years after the Second World War as ingredients and raw materials needed for brewing were in short supply which was interesting to see.

You then proceed to what is essentially a bottling plant (no photos allowed) where the guide talks you through facts such as how many bottles/cans etc they produce a year, where they distribute to, where it is brewed etc. And that was that, short and sweet but still an interesting experience all the same and then we were taken to the pub.

Literally an exact replica of an old fashioned English pub down to the beams, dart board, decor and slightly grumpy bar staff. We sampled Tiger (of course) Anchor and a couple of other beers including a honey beer which was very light and pleasant. Whilst it’s certainly not one of the longer or most informative tours I have done, it is an interesting hour or so and I enjoyed myself (and of course the beer!)

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