The Botanical Gardens, Singapore

One of my favourite places in Singapore has to be the Botanic Gardens an oasis of green out towards Orchard Road. Initially, Sir Stamford Raffles (a keen naturalist) founded a Botanical Garden out near Fort Canning in 1822 however left untended and neglected after his death it was closed just 7 years later. In 1859 the present day Botanical Gardens were founded and they have been a major tourist attraction here in Singapore for many years.

The Orchid gardens are probably the most well known of the attractions here, HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited them recently on their tour of South East Asia in order to participate in the naming ceremony of an Orchid in Princess Diana’s memory. Other “celebrity” Orchids you can see include Nelson Mandela and HRH Queen Elizabeth amongst many other visiting heads of state.

There is also a cool greenhouse, climate controlled to grow stunning mountain plants and orchids, the perfect place to cool down on your tour. The Healing Gardens contain all manner of different plants, labelled with their medicinal uses as well as general information and they even have a “Rainforest” as well as a stunning lake.

There are not many places in the centre of Singapore you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life but whether or not you want to visit a specific area or just enjoy a walk or tai chi, the Botanical gardens are a great place to visit.

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