Pita Pan, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

When I was in Beirut I was lucky enough to live within walking distance of both Falafel Freiha and Falafel Sahyoun, two of Beiruts best falafel shops (in my humble opinion at least)  and so they became one of my favourite snacks. Whilst falafel are found all over the Middle East, recipes vary not just from country to country but restaurant to restaurant which is one of the reason I think finding good falafel is particularly hard. Since moving to Singapore I have found decent versions at Urban Bites and Sufis corner but am yet to find the perfect falafel.

I read about Pita Pan http://www.pitapan.com.sg/  a Mediterranean restaurant specialising in falafel sandwiches over at Marina Bay Sands. For $7.50 you get half a pita stuffed with 3 or 4 generously sized falafel and your choice of salads and pickles on the top. I chose tahina sauce, chopped cucumber and tomatoes, pickles and tiny bullet sized hot chilli pickles.

I prefer the Lebanese way of wrapping them in flat bread as opposed to pita as I find it easier to eat, although the cute little paper pockets that you rest the pita in whilst eating was a good idea. The falafel were not the same as I have eaten elsewhere, I would guess that they are made up mostly of fava beans here which I believe is more common in Egypt than elsewhere although their website shows that the owner spent time in Israel in her attempt to perfect her recipe.

They also serve other dishes from around the Mediterranean such as eggs shakshouka, mezze platters and a wide variation of different types of falafel amongst others and it makes a nice change from the usual fast food joints usually found in Singapore. If you are looking for a quick and easy bite to eat at Marina Bay then Pita Pan certainly fits the bill. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily make a special journey there, if i was over at Marina Bay it would definitely be somewhere I would think about returning to.

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