Tor Khao Restaurant, Cherng Talay, Phuket

I spent a few days at the beginning of October in Phuket, relaxing and recovering from the F1 madness. I last visited Phuket 5 years ago for the wedding of one of my closest friends and was looking forward to going back a second time. We ate pretty well that week but Tor Khao was undoubtedly my favourite of all the meals we had. A small, unassuming restaurant located on the road out of Cherng Talay we literally stumbled across after eating at Farang restaurant (which we had seen many good reviews of) next door. Farang was pretty disappointing to be honest, a bit too fusion for my liking but Tor Khao was truly a fantastic find.

We watched the lady chefs working on our first lunchtime visit , preparing a multitude of different dishes with skill and ease. The other clientele were all locals and apparently amused to see us take such an interest in the food, especially in the off season I suppose where tourists are not so frequent.

We enjoyed a vast array of dishes from the menu, stir fried chicken and beef  with fried rice, a delicious papaya and crab salad, soft shell crabs in black bean sauce and a local sea mussel dish ( I have no idea what it was)

On our second visit we tried a fried local fish and a steamed river fish ( a bit muddy for my liking) similar to eel as well as more of their great fried rice, a prawn stir fry and a papaya and crispy shrimp salad.

On no occasion did our bill come to more than $12 a head which included a few ice cold singha beers to wash it all down with. Tor Khao was a great little find and if you re staying in the Laguna area or pass through Cherng Talay I would really recommend that you check it out.

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