The Beach Bar, Bang Tao Beach, Phuket

One of my favourite things about visiting phuket before had been the location of or hotel on Bang Tao beach as it was bursting with great value beach bars and restaurants all within walking distance of our hotel. Visiting in October meant many of these were not open as we were still in what was considered “the low season” and as we spent the first 4 days of our holiday sheltering from the rain, I understood why so many had chosen not to staff up and open with the inevitable loss of money this would ensure.

Fortunately the weather did eventually clear up and we were able to take advantage of the stunning sunsets and half price mai tais at the beach bar , located just past the Dusit Thani as you headed south along the beach.

$30 a head got us more Mai Tais then I care to remember and the best Tiger Prawns I have ever eaten – we picked them out ourselves from the tanks at the back of the restaurant. If there is a better spot to relax and enjoy the sunset I’d like to go there!

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