Deepavali Preparations, Little India, Singapore

One of my favourite things about living in Little India is the annual celebration of Deepavali (or Diwali) the Hindu festival of lights and one of the most important dates in the Hindu calender. The street lights and markets have been up for weeks now and even familiar roads hold new surprises and new places to explore.

I’ve added a few recent meals at the hawker centre on the corner of Kitchener road and Rangoon road as I’ve only just discovered they have a tandoor and make fresh naan to accompany their delicious dahl mahkni and chana masala as opposed to just having a dosai from the stall next door the whole time.

I also bought a selection of vadais to try from the large Deepavali market on Serangoon Road. $2 gets 10 mini vadais or 3 large prawn masala vadai with prawns so of course I tried them all. Of the mini vadai, only the fish and the chilli ones had much flavour, there seemed to be very little taste to the others but with a good bite of the crunchy green chillis served with them it didn’t really matter. The larger Masala Vadais were very good – I imagine you were supposed to eat the whole thing but I pulled the prawns off and shelled and headed them and with a good squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt they were a very naughty but highly satisfactory dinner.

If you are around in Singapore for Deepavali, I would really recommend checking out the markets down on Dickinson road and dotted along Serangoon road as Little India is even more alive and vibrant than usual and a real feast for the senses!

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