Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun, Pek Kio Market Singapore

On my last visit to Pek Kio market I was intensely disappointed that the Chee cheong fun stall had sold out by the time I had discovered it as everyone I saw seemed to have a dish from their stall on the table which as any food lover in Singapore can tell you, is the sign of a good meal to come.

Waking up surprisingly early on my day off, I decided that I would head over there and make a second attempt to eat there as a sort of weekday brunch. When I arrived it was one of only around 5 stalls with a queue, along with the chicken rice stand across from it, the pork and mushroom noodle stall I ate at last time and a couple of other stalls that didn’t particularly tickle my tastebuds.

They have a choice of chee cheong fun plain, with char siew, prawns, scallops or abalone but the char siew version was the one I had seen most of being sold so that was the one I settled on.

It was fascinating watching them make the chee cheong fun, the rice liquid is poured into a sort of colander inside a steamer and then a linen cloth is placed on top whilst it is left to steam. Half way through cooking, the lid is removed and the char siew is sprinkled over the top and then left to cook for another minute or so.

The chee cheong fun  is then removed and placed onto an oiled surface where it is peeled away from the linen cloth and deftly chopped up before being served with a sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds and chilli paste (there were other sauces but I am not adept enough to pick them all out on sight I’m afraid)

Now I am admittedly no expert but was very impressed by the chee cheong fun, the “wrapping” having just enough elasticity to be picked up by chopsticks before it disintegrates and the char siew crumble scattered through the centre was the perfect accompaniment although I am even more keen to try the prawn version now as I imagine the added texture from the prawns would be delicious.

Apparently they do a great glutinous rice dish but the owner told me I’d need to make it there before 9 am if i wanted to try that! If you are in the Farrer Park area, Pek Kio market really is well worth a visit and one I shall make many, many more visits to explore.

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