Liberty Coffee, 131 Rangoon Road, Singapore

Liberty Coffee house is a hard concept to describe but I’ll give it a shot or this would be a pretty pointless post! Located in a small converted shophouse on Rangoon Road (131) they are a coffee roasters who only open the cafe occasionally, sort of like a pop up, posting information about the opening hours on their facebook page a day or so in advance.

When I saw that they were going to be open this weekend I was intrigued to see what they were all about so decided to head over there for a Sunday afternoon coffee and cake. The coffee house was fairly busy when I arrived – they can probably only accommodate 15 people or so at any one time and there were only a couple of spare seats left across from the bar counter for me to choose from.

The clientele was also quite a trendy, young and well dressed crowd, predominantly female although there was a cute student type couple enjoying a date as well. I like my coffee, I mean I REALLY like my coffee but there were a couple of different menu items listed that I was not familiar with – such as a Gibraltar (double shot of espresso with hot milk and foam served in a short glass) which is essentially what I usually make for myself when I’m near an espresso machine but had never been aware of the name “Gibraltar” until now.

A “dirty” coffee is essentially like a weak latte (as if a latte isn’t weak enough already) and I’m sure most people are by now familiar with the flat white which is a single or a double shot of espresso (always a double in my case) with steamed and lightly foamed milk, like a less frothy Cappuccino. Incidentally should you find yourself in Soho, London in the UK is one of the best coffee bars around.

The coffee here at Liberty was very nice indeed, quite a light blend, their notes describe it as having cocoa and nutty notes, the first of which I definitely picked up on even with the milk. The cake options all looked very appealing, even to someone like myself who is not a “cake” fan.

I was initially going to try the gulu melaka pandan cake as I love the sickly sweet gulu melaka (palm sugar) and thought as the most unusual sounding option I should give it a shot. Then I saw the cake on the top shelf (where all the naughty things are usually found in my experience!) called “Elvis on my mind” which was described to be as being a banana cake with sliced bananas, chocolate and peanut butter spread which just sounded so over the top outrageous I knew I had to try it! Elvis would have approved (my Dr I suspect not so much!) The cake was light and airy which stopped the dish from being too stodgy or heavy and the chocolate, banana and peanut butter actually worked well with each other with none of the flavours being too dominant and over powering the others.

I also tried a “Rivella” as it was a hot day and I wanted a cooling drink, it was described as being like ginger ale which whilst not strictly correct was not unpleasant, although I regretted not ordering the san Pellegrino aranciata as I love that (admittedly usually with campari!)

All in all the bill came to just over $15 which is a damn site more expensive that my usual $4 kopi and kaya but it was a pleasant afternoon snack and a very decent coffee and I would definitely return. Forty hands will be my next coffee shop I think as I have read a lot of good things about them but until then, it’s back to Kopi Gau for me!

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