Senso Brunch, Club Street, Singapore

All you can drink champagne brunches are a big part of Expat life in Singapore, a chance to let your hair down and drink far more cheaply (and excessively) than you would normally. Working in hospitality however means that Sundays off are a rare occurrence for me, so when I realised I was to have a Sunday off I immediately began seeing who was free and  where they were planning on spending their weekend.

A reservation had been made at Senso  an Italian restaurant in Club street just off Chinatown which was able to be modified so as to include me and so I put on my Sunday best and mosied over to Chinatown to meet everyone.

Arriving shortly after our allotted booking time, I was in fact the first to arrive and had managed to make my way through my first beer (essential to cool down after the short walk from Chinatown MRT) and glass of Ca’ del Bosco Franciacorta Cuvee Prestige Prosecco before the others arrived.

The restaurant is not really set up to do buffets, a couple of small tables are arranged in the main room and a small selection of anti pasti, salads, oysters, cheese and charcuterie are placed on display. From the menu on the table you are able to order free flow from the small list of pastas and meat and fish options, which are bought (in very small portions in some cases) to the table when prepared.

I am not a huge fan of buffets to be honest so the slightly limited choice suited me pretty well, I had a couple of small portions of the excellent air dried beef, some 24 month aged parma ham, cheese, tomato and mozzarella salad and some nice bread and dips along with a couple of oysters. I then shared one of the pasta dishes – crab in tomato sauce and followed that with a piece of seabass (the size of my thumb) with asparagus.

Dessert options are even more limited but the profiteroles that I did try were very rich and flavourful and provided the adequate sweetness for me to finish my meal with. The prosecco/beer/wine option I chose was $118 ($138 with gst and service) whilst the others went for the $98 option of prosecco and rose prosecco which wasn’t outrageous given the quality of the food we enjoyed (and the upgraded prosecco was really very good indeed) but you could enjoy a far bigger buffet spread at one of the big hotels for not a lot more money if you were so inclined.

Overall I enjoyed Senso although it didn’t leave me with any overwhelming desire to go back a second time.

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