VPS/Dhrugha Restaurant, Farrer Park Singapore

Located just across the road from the City Square Mall in Farrer Park is a small Hawker centre with around 4-5 Indian stalls selling everything you could wish to eat, from Pongal to Dosai, Vada’s, Idlis, Roti Prata and an assortment of different curried meats, vegetables and curries. I always eat at the first stall as you walk in, it always looks to be serving the best of the food there and for less than $2 you can eat well, I have never spent more than $5 there. The Dosai is probably one of my favourite snacks, a sort of wafer thin crepe made from rice batter and served with sambar, a light vegetable curry sauce and usually a couple of chutneys made with coconut and various flavours such as tomato or chilli, there is also a masala version with spiced potato curry inside which is also delicious but slightly more sinful! For breakfast I prefer either Pongal, a sort of Indian rice porridge, again served with sambar or Roti Prata which is something of a national dish for Singapore, crisp prata bread (with the option to add egg or cheese inside the batter) with a rich, thick curry sauce. Mid afternoon snacks such as the Idlis a sort of steamed rice cake and Vadas, a spicy savoury fritter are also dishes I have sampled there and I can recommend them all. Much of the food in Little India is Southern Indian such as these dishes and they only add to my excitement of visiting India some day for a true feast!

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