Ramadan street stalls, Arab street, Singapore

Ramadan this year has been a bit of an oddity for me given recent history. Not one of my staff were fasting (which meant I didn’t need to repeat my attempt to join in the first and last days fast in solidarity with them as I have done for the past few years)

Last year I was in Kuwait, where even smoking or chewing gum on the street can get you arrested and thrown in jail for the remainder of Ramadan let alone eating and drinking and where I was responsible for daily Iftars (although thankfully not souhour as I do need some sleep)

The fact that Kuwait was even stricter during Ramadan might have made it harder to survive if it weren’t for the fact that it meant I became nearly nocturnal sleeping from around 5am until past midday and this in turn made Kuwait slightly more manageable) I also escaped to Lebanon a couple of times, including a wonderful stay in Lake Q’uaroun which I have neglected to blog about so far but will definitely try to write up soon.

Prior to that I was in Lebanon where Ramadan is celebrated only by around 50% of the population and as such has very little impact on day to day life in Beirut, apart from the fact that the Saudi tourists of the earlier summer months go home.

Today, in search of shisha, I wandered down to Arab street for the first time in a while and was only slightly surprised to see everything up and running as usual and a small food market outside the mosque. I opted for shisha and a late lunch at Sufis corner, mezze and lavosh bread which was as good as always, it is definitely my favourite place to eat in the area.

Joo Chiat is the main area to go for Ramadan in Singapore but i have been too lazy to head there this year, but I have heard the atmosphere at night is quite something. Maybe next year….

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