National Day Singapore, August 9th, 2012

August 9th is one of, if not the most important date in Singapore, celebrating their independence from Malaysia in 1965. Its celebrated with a public holiday and a series of events that make up NDP or the National Day Parade, with the theme this year being “Loving Singapore, our home”. This years events included a concert involving (amongst others) school choirs, marching bands, a sky diving display,  fighter jet fly past, a speech from the prime minister and culminating in a dramatic firework show over Marina Bay. Rehearsals were held every Saturday for nearly two months at the actual Marina Bay venue (although I am sure they were held for far longer off site) which is testament to Singapore’s very “correct” and organised persona. As I was at work (public holidays are non existent for us in hospitality although we are able to take the day in lieu at a time of our choosing which is altogether more convenient in my opinion) I have just a few photographs to show you, some of the event, some of rehearsals. Majulah Singapore!!!.

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