Mozza, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

I read recently that Osteria Mozza had recently launched a new Sunday brunch and having a rare Sunday off from work, thought I would go and check it out. What I hadn’t bothered to read was the part that the brunch only ran from 12-2pm so when i rocked up at Osteria Mozza at 3pm they were already setting up for the dinner service. No great problem there as the Osteria is located next to the Mozza pizzeria so instead of turning left at the entrance, I simply turned right and was given a seat at the bar overlooking the impressive tiled pizza ovens. As i had planned on brunch I wasn’t really sure what i felt like eating, the pizzas are great but I wasn’t really sure if it was pizza I was after. The menu lists a generous selection of antipasti so I decided to start with some Coppa and a Campari and soda while i made my selection. I decided, after much deliberation to order the zucchini flower and burrata pizzette as I reckoned that this would still leave me with room for another antipasti that I had my eye on, the baked bone marrow. The Coppa was excellent and a decent size portion too, they make a lot of their charcuterie on site according to the menu which is something you cannot fail to be impressed by. The pizette was perfect. A thin, crisp base with chewy fluffy edges, spread with tomato paste, sliced zucchini flowers and a couple of large tablespoons of gooey burrata which was really quite outstanding and I could happily have eaten far, far more. Of course, had I done that, I wouln’t have been able to manage the bone marrow which came served in half a bone with some confit garlic and a couple of slices of toast smothered in a garlic butter which was another success. To drink I ordered a glass of their own label (well, produced by one of the co owners Joeseph Bastianich) sauvignon blanc which at $19 was the second cheapest on the list but a very decent wine (and thankfully a nice generous pour from the barman too) and a soda water. The staff were all incredibly friendly and a definite cut above the usual service in Singapore, Mozza has done a good job with their training and they are a credit to the company that’s for sure. My only minor quibble was dealt with excellently by my waitress, I only wanted a scoop of ice cream but they list “up to 3 scoops of ice cream for $17” when I queried this, she charmingly offered me a child’s portion instead at $9 which was still far larger than I had wanted but again, it was so good I managed (somehow!) to finish it all. With a coffee (one of the best espressos I have had in a very long time) my bill came to $130 which is a pretty expensive lunch but with such quality ingredients and such great service you really can’t complain. I had only been to Mozza once before this and if I remember correctly my hangover hampered my enjoyment somewhat then. On this basis, Mozza is up there with my favourite places to eat in Singapore and I am looking forward to returning.

Mozza Pizzeria Facts……………… Did you know that the first pizzeria ever opened cooked pizza in an oven lined with lava from Mount Vesuvius? Green Peas are a popular pizza topping in Brazil, coconut in Costa Rica and pickled ginger, mutton and paneer in India. The average American eats 43 slices (or 23lbs) of pizza a year with 62% of Americans preferring meat toppings

Edited to add: After filling in a comment card in the restaurant, I received a thank you email from Mozza less than 30 minutes after leaving. Now THAT’S service.

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