Marche Bar and Bistro, Raffles City, Singapore

I never really understood the concept of O’Gambinos Italian/Irish bar so I was hardly surprised when they closed earlier this year to be replaced by Marche, a Swiss owned bar and bistro concept with a few sites in Singapore. The new design is bright and airy with a fresh, modern feel to it. Watering jugs of sunflowers, candles and other nic nacs are scattered around the room adding a nice splash of colour to it. They run breakfast menu from 8am until 12 which is currently 1-4-1 (or buy one get one free as I more commonly know it) and offers items such as breakfast pizzas topped with items such as egg, ham and bacon for under $10 as well as sandwiches and crepes all at a great price point and I will definitely be making a return visit for breakfast in the not to distant future. It was mid afternoon however when I visited earlier this week and I was given teh lunch/dinner menu that is in operation from midday until closing time. Build your own salads start at £12.50 fro your choice of salad greens and dressings and extra toppings such as smoked salmon, cheese, roast chicken or beef start at $2.90 and head up to around $6. There are more crepes, both sweet and savoury running from $12.90 to $19.50, a “Swiss Tepanyaki” selection with dishes such as Wagyu beef (grade 1 sirloin) at $31.90 and salmon fillet amongst others. The pizzas which I saw on neighbouring tables looked absolutely delicious and starting at $18.50 for a roast chicken pizza or a margherita and finishing at $28.90 for one with angus beef carpaccio on top were very reasonably priced too, however I wasn’t really hungry enough for a pizza on this occasion, choosing instead to have a Serrano ham tartine and a glass of German rose wine (This being Singapore the wine being more expensive than the tartine  at $12.90 a glass versus $9.50 for my tartine) The rose was unusual, a Spatburgunder which was a little sweet for my liking but an interesting wine to try none the less – next time i will have a beer (also 1-4-1 between 3 and 6pm Monday to Friday) The tartine was absolutely delicious. A thick slice of fresh, doughy brown bread spread with a rich tomato paste, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and a generous layering of serrano ham and was topped with micro cress and alfafa sprouts which i garnished with some of the dried chilli flakes that are in little terracotta pots on all the tables along with sea salt and cracked black pepper. My total bill came to $27 which I thought was very good value, the quality of the ingredients was faultless. If i was to be picky, I would like them to expand the menu a little bit on the snack side – there were only 2 tartines available, mine and one with goats cheese and dates and whilst you could have either a cheese platter or a charcuterie board you couldn’t combine the two which I would have appreciated. If you are around City Hall, I would suggest checking Marche out.

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