Privilege Restaurant, Langkawi

Privilege, located just near the Danna Hotel,  is billed as “Trip advisors no1 restaurant in Langkawi” – granted this is not always the best recommendation but as it was also recommended to us by the staff at our hotel we decided to give it a shot. The crisp modern interior, friendly, professional and attentive staff were definitely not what I was expecting, and with a large, but not overwhelming menu and a great wine/cocktail list to boot we were in for a great night.

To start, I had the Nyona platter of otak otak (spiced mackerel in banana leaf) Kueh pie tees (pastry cups with stewed sweet turnip and shrimp) and a slipper lobster wonton. All were delicious, especially the wonton and I was pleased with my choice.

For mains, shrimp sambal sounded interesting and whilst I was warned it was very spicy I found it perfectly spiced and seasoned.

Lastly, for dessert an ice cream selection of gulu melaka (palm sugar)chai (spiced tea) and smoked banana.

Also pictured is the spiced duck and bok choy that my father ordered (and didn’t want to share it was so good!) and the Malay platter with aforementioned spiced duck, sambal shrimp, beef rendang (cooked beautifully) as well as a vegetable pie, a fish & coconut curry and a lamb samosa.

Not one dish was a dud – I would have happily eaten anything on the plate and we all enjoyed our meals. When you factor in the complimentary amuse bouche, a  herb  sorbet palate cleanser and a post dinner shot of “cello” a herb based liqueur, it made for an almost “fine dining” experience. This is an unmissable restaurant if visiting Langkawi & I hope they continue to thrive.

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