Bosra, Syria Trip, Summer 2010

After 2 days exploring Damascus I was ready to see a little more of Syria and one of the easiest day trips was to Bosra, an ancient city (Once the Roman capital of Arabia and important stop off en route to Mecca) 67 miles south of Damascus.

Whilst the Roman theatre, dating back to 2AD and holding up to 15,000 people at the peak of its fame is probably the best preserved of the sites, there are also ruins of mosques and early Christian remains as well)

On arrival at Bosra I tried to book a return trip to Damascus for a couple of hours later however they told me the first bus I would be able to get on was around 5 hours later. 5 hours in an interesting but small  town looking at Roman ruins was not how I had planned on spending my day and I soon ascertained that I could return to Damascus via Daraa on a service taxi and then changing onto a bus for the remaining 62 miles.

Having already pushed myself out of my comfort zone by heading to Damascus on my own in the first place, I saw no reason not to continue in this vein and decided I would look around Bosra for as long as I remained engaged and would then attempt the journey home afterwards.

The Roman theatre is quite a sight and I can only begin to imagine the amazing atmosphere when it was filled to capacity all those years ago. The steep climb to the top also afforded an excellent view over the town and its environs.

After the theatre I walked around the rest of the area  where it was intriguing to see the way life continues even amongst the ruins, it certainly didn’t seem particularly comfortable yet everyone I met seemed perfectly content with their lot.

My return journey was easier than expecting, for a few dollars I was able to squeeze into a small service taxi van and make the journey to Daraa where I was lucky enough to be dropped off at the bus station just in time to board a bus back to Damascus, exhausted after my long day exploring and ready to return to the relative calm of Beirut.

Whilst Bosra and certainly Daraa are not places I would recommend anyone visiting at the moment, they are certainly places you should try to see at some point.

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  1. Emily Harris says:

    wow – the things you have seen – well & truly off the beaten track…..!

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