Club Street Social, Singapore

Club Street Social is one of the newest restaurants to open up in the Gemmill Lane/Club Street area of Singapore in Chinatown which has in recent years become a hive of trendy restaurants and bars. It was Singapore uber blogger lady Iron chef who first bought Club Street Social to my attention as it is pretty much the ultimate word in where to eat in Singapore I thought I would check it out.

Glass door panels are opened up onto the street, flooding in the room with natural light and allowing for the crowds to spill out onto the pavements outside for alfresco drinking. The long white marble bar running the entire length of the room is well stocked with high end spirits and the cocktail list whilst short (7 cocktails in all) is well thought out and includes some intriguing combinations such as #7 comprising cognac, bacon, date and walnut.

The other wall is lined with plush burgundy banquettes and a hotch potch of small white marble round tables and large dark wooden 4 tops and what look like old school dining room chairs.

The menu is short and sweet, an all day breakfast is offered with everything from granola to truffled scrambled eggs, 2 soups are offered, a handful of salads and panninis, tramezzini and bruschettas with a definite Italian slant.

I chose the soppressata, fontina and roast pepper panini which came with a vibrant roast pepper sauce for dipping the panini into. The soppressata and peppers had a wonderfully spiciness to them and the gooey fontina was the perfect foil for them, the bread for the panini was also a step up from usual paninis I have tried in the past – appearing to be freshly baked (in house?) and not mass produced as is the standard usually. I finished with an affogato which bought the bill, including a small bottle of water and a glass of Italian chardonnay to just under $50 which when considering the quality of the ingredients used seemed pretty reasonable.

If i worked or lived in the area, I can imagine Club Street Social would be a favourite haunt of mine for a snack, as I don’t, I think I would next try it out in the evening with a few friends for cocktails and some sharing platters of charcuterie and cheese as i can imagine the vibe at night is quite fun.

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