Urban Bites, Singapore

Good Lebanese restaurants in Singapore are hard to find. I’ve exhausted the options on Arab Street and am yet to find a hummus as smooth and creamy as I’ve enjoyed in Lebanon let alone anything more complex.

I cant remember where I first heard about Urban bites http://www.urbanbites.com.sg/ but it had been on my list of places to try out in Singapore for a good few months before I finally ventured there last week.

Located in a small shop house in Telok Ayer street, not far from Chinatown, the menu immediately looked promising and I was torn as to what to order. Should I plump for a manoushe with jebneh and zaatar, tabbouleh or fattoush? Was I hungry enough to try a main course or should I just choose a few mezzes?

Finally I settled on hummus, tabbouleh, Arabic bread, sambousik and fried kibbeh. The hummus and tabbouleh came first and what hummus it was! Creamy and rich with a good glug of olive oil on top, this is the real deal! The tabbouleh was not my favourite, but still was far better than anywhere else I’ve tried here, it seemed like it was curly parsley and not flat leaf, a minor complaint but the proportions of parsley, tomatoes and bulghur were all good and it had a nice lemon zing to it.

The kibbeh and sambousik came next, The pastry of the sambousik were spot on, any Lebanese mother would have been proud of them and the kibbeh were generously proportioned and beautifully moist.

I didn’t see any wine on the menu but I have since found out they do indeed serve Lebanese wines there which has given me ample incentive to return sooner rather than later. Urban bites serves a broad Lebanese menu which I’m looking forward to sampling more of and the team there definitely know what they are doing. I have a feeling this is as authentic as Lebanese food gets in Singapore and that’s good enough for me.

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