Abdel Wahab Restaurant, Beirut

Abdel Wahab restaurant in Beirut is another all time favourite of mine and no trip to Beirut would be complete without a visit to this Monot favourite. If you go anytime from May until about November make sure to book a table on their roof in order to really soak up the atmosphere. The list of mezze is amongst the largest I have seen, hummus, small sizzling birds (tiny birds, BBQ’d and served whole- bones and all) the delicious Lebanese “steak tartare” Kebbe Nayyeh, samak harra, another local speciality usually made with spiced red mullet are just few of the many dishes available. For main courses, assuming you still have room, the grills are unbeatable – I used to take one of the mixed ones with grilled chicken and lamb skewers, minced lamb koftes, grilled shrimps and chunks of beef ( to share with friends as Lebanese food is best enjoyed) All this is best washed down with arak, the aniseedy grape based spirit Lebanon is rightly famous for, if not an Almaza Lebanese beer or a glass of local wine is a perfectly acceptable choice. Go with a group of friends, order twice what you think you can eat and relax with an arguileh – this is what Beirut is all about and I love it!  http://www.timeoutbeirut.com/beirut/listing/1243/abdel-wahab.html

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