Hix Oyster and Fish House, Lyme Regis

Bank Holiday Monday found us recovering from a wedding at the truly stunning River Cottage, just a short hop, skip and a jump away from Mark Hix’s Oyster and Fish House in Lyme Regis. Having successfully manged to rouse the somewhat hung over bride and groom we sat and enjoyed a sherry or two on the restaurants compact balcony overlooking the Cobb, enjoying the British seaside in all its sun soaked glory. As the rest of the group struggled to form coherent thoughts on what to eat, I ordered a few “snax” for us to share – a choice of 3 small dishes for £12. Queenie scallops with bacon, cuttlefish croquettes and some silver mullet with ham and capers, and then a portion of asparagus with a delicious lemony, light hollandaise for dipping. Luscombe raspberry lemonade was deemed to be the go to hangover cure but I ordered a carafe of the Picpoul de pinet to see me through to the other side with pretty good results, I perked up considerably quicker than the rest of the group that’s for sure! For mains we all chose either the humongous fish fingers and mushy peas or as I did, Lemon sole with green sauce and instead of the offered side of potatoes, a green herb salad. We were pretty startled by the portion sizes – for £14.75 the fish “fingers” were immense and I received not one but two Lemon sole (one really was more than enough) for around £20. As you’d expect the fish was perfectly cooked and fresh as it gets and we made a pretty good stab at getting through everything we’d ordered. Mark Hix is simply brilliant at what he does, his growing empire now comprises several outposts in London including the just opened Tramshed, a restaurant specialising in chicken and steak – the sign of a confident restaurateur if ever I saw one, but he truly can do no wrong. Our lunch for 4 came to £170 which i felt was great value ( I managed another glass of wine after I finished the carafe and there were a few ciders in amongst the sherry and raspberry lemonade too) and enough to convince me that Lyme Regis is the sort of town I’d like to visit again and again http://www.hixoysterandfishhouse.co.uk/

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