Feb 30th Bar, Hamra, Beirut

I never went out that much in Hamra when i actually lived in Beirut, preferring the ease of the closer to home Gemmayze amongst others. When I did venture to Hamra, it was as a guest of friends who would drive us around all night, Simply Red’s, Cafe Hamra, small local pubs run by grumpy Lebanese men who must have seen it all in their time and I had a great time, no two ways about it.

Feb 30th http://www.beirut.com/Nightlife/Hamra/February-30/14234 came to my attention on twitter, along with its next door neighbour Big Shot Hamra http://lifestyle.beiruting.com/2012/big-shot-pub-launches-with-a-bang/ and I added it to my list of places to visit.

I ended up in Hamra on a Sunday afternoon, far quieter than any other day of the week but I still thought I would check it out. The bar is uniquely designed – chairs and tables made from old rubbish bins, mop buckets etc and random tables and chairs glued to the ceiling give it a real Alice in Wonderland feeling.

The bartender recognised me from my football related visits to Hard Rock Cafe which was a nice touch and left me feeling very impressed and looking forward to what was to follow. I only ordered the popcorn shrimp as I wasn’t really too hungry and the other dishes I fancied (edamame and cheese bites) had sold out the night before but they were very good indeed and I left wishing I would be able to return for a proper Hamra style night out. Next visit, for sure.

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