Falamankis, Beirut

Falamankis is a Beirut institution, a 24 hour restaurant with a buzzy garden in the middle of Sodeco, perfect for smoking arguileh, meeting with friends for an after dinner drink or post clubbing breakfast, it would be a hit wherever it opened.

There is a story on the menu about it being named after a charismatic Egyptian ex bodyguard who became a friend to the stars, complete with pictures of Barbara Streisland, the Rat Pack and many more – true or not its an interesting read. The dulcet tunes of Fairuz and Um Khartoum fill the air and pop videos of Nancy Arjam and Haifa Wehbe run almost on a loop. The menu is a broad selection of mezzes and grills with plenty to appeal to everyone.

My standard order is a glass or two of wine (Lebanese of course) Perrier and a manoushe with maybe zaatar (Lebanese thyme, oregano & sesame mix) or the house special with onion and tomato added too. Maybe some patatas bravas with a stunning purple beetroot tahina or some sambousik filled with halloumi – whatever you order, you will enjoy it and the ambience is almost unbeatable, this is a true Beirut experience..

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