Cezanne, Sin el Fil

Cezanne Restaurant is one of Sin el Fils newest restaurants and you could hardly hope for a better location than next to the glitzy Habtoor hotel. I met a friend there for one of the opening nights, shortly before the young head chef appeared on Oyoun Beirut, a popular Lebanese TV show which can only mean good things for this talented young man.

The restaurant is visually very impressive, over $3 million usd were spent on the opening and you can see it. The menu is broad, as is often the trend in Lebanon, open from 7am until 1am everything from breakfast to fruit de mers platters, arancini, fillet steak and Lebanese specials are available.

We shared some of the delicious cepe filled arancini, beautifully prepared and unlike any I have ever tasted. aubergine was finely shaved and topped with halloumi , garnished with guacamole and pesto, a perfect dish to share with friends in the outside bar area.

A sharing platter came next, compliments of the restaurant, in order that we could taste more of what they had to offer. Shots of flavour filled gazpacho, tempura prawns, salmon and crab roulade, spiced chicken skewers and meat filled Vietnamese inspired summer rolls followed. The bar staff were keen to impress ( one recognised me from a previous bar in Beirut I haven’t visited for months!) and I can really see this restaurant taking off, deservedly so.


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