My Week In Food.


As promised, this week comes to you from the kitchen of my parents house in the beautiful UK countryside! After nearly two and a half years I flew home on Friday to spend some time with my family and friends before I head off to France for my friends D&G’s wedding on Wednesday. As I knew I was going to be away form Thailand for a few weeks I managed to fit in some of my favourite dishes before I left for the UK so this is possibly one of my most eclectic weeks yet! Continue reading

Ujong, Raffles Arcade, Singapore.


Shen Tan was always one of the Singaporeans on Twitter (@MadamTan) who fascinated me the most when I first started exploring the culinary scene there back in 2012. A former events director for Forbes, she quit in order to open a Nasi Lemak stall at the famed Maxwell road Hawker Centre before opening the modern Singaporean restaurant Wok and Barrel on Duxton hill. After the Wok and Barrels premature closure she worked as a consultant (having a hand in the impressive menus at Revolution café and the Little Prince) before finally finding a home as the newest restaurant at Raffles Hotel with Ujong. Continue reading

Afterglow Vegan Restaurant, Keong Saik St. Singapore


After my friend’s wedding (well the legal ‘signing papers’ part as they were calling it – the real wedding is the week after next in France) they held a lovely reception at L’Aiglon bar on Neil Road. I had been planning to sneak off and decorate their house with “Mr& Mrs” and “Newly Wed” banners and so when our friend Amy decided she was going to head off in search of Vegan food I went with her under the pretense of joining her for a meal. Continue reading

My Week In Food.


This is another Singapore/Bangkok “Week In Food” and even more excitingly, next week will be a Bangkok/UK week as I prepare for my 3 week holiday to the UK, France and Portugal! But before we get onto that, Singapore was great! I was delighted to be able to celebrate my friend’s wedding on Monday and then got to spend a lazy day, mostly in my hotel room on Tuesday before heading back to Bangkok and a huge pile of work all needing to be finished before I make my next trip overseas. Continue reading